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Leopard’s skin

It almost never happens. Not once can I remember it ever happening in my humble days as the pet of the trio, and I must say, the fact that it has in fact occurred today on the 10th of the 10th of the 10th is not only admirable, but rather spectacular;

Because although Frau Schroeder, Monsieur Lellouche and the master share a home. Although, they eat together when their schedules allow, and tolerate each other’s music; entertaining each other’s spouses / dates, to the point they sometimes take turns to play arbiter / referee when petty arguments erupt. Although in sad times they cry on each other’s shoulders, one thing they never do, is agree on any particular subject matter. Not completely anyway as everyone has their own opinions, and almost all the times there will be some contrasting views as the dialogue progresses. It simply just doesn’t happen, yet somehow it happened, today! They all agreed! All were in harmony, congruento. I tell you, it was that exciting, I had to wag my tail. Should have opened a bottle of Champagne.

The matter on which this surprising  alignment of mental dynamics is rooted, is  this report, also mentioned here, from the Equality and Human Rights Commission(EHRC). In particular, the epicenter of this consensus lies somewhere within this statement  “Lyon said that although there had been “numerous efforts to address racism in the prison system … we have yet to get a better relationship between justice authorities and black communities. Instead we have ended up with mistrust breeding mistrust.”

Lellouche, who has lived in London for over 6 years now, thinks the problem is much bigger than anything the  EHRC has uncovered – probably with similar stats in countries such as France and Russia regarding their ethnic minorities / not just black populations- and that they may just be scratching the surface, while the German missus likens the treatment Black / Afro-Carribean people have received to that received by Jewish people in the 1930’s in central Europe, a subject of hate, suspicion and intolerance. She went on to add that the thing that differentiates the Jews is that they had a religion which kept them levelheaded and grounded despite numerous hardships, which kind of helped prevent them being embroidered in crime or violent reactions to the difficulties they faced. And the master, yes, he whose name must not be uttered is not surprised. He thinks every multicultural society is bound to have a scapegoat. Rome had theirs, Egypt in the days of the Pharaoh had them, and today the Afro-Carribean population just happens to be the scapegoat of the day, such that if all Afro-carribeans left the British Isles today, by 12/12/12, 2 years from now, another ethnic group would have filled the scapegoat void, and these arguments will all too quickly be recycled.

” I had a friend” he said, “Caucasian bloke from Liverpool, a barrister fond of weed, skirt and booze, who asked me why I thought there aren’t as many black / Asian Judges in Britain’s courts today, compared to say, the US”

My own take is that the worst bit about this topic is how everybody likes to quote these stats, commenting and exclaiming how  gruesome/ grand, the  figures are, yet nobody has the slightest clue (and guts) on how to do something constructive about addressing the anomaly. I will tell you what would be quite exciting though; if these figures could be mapped side by side with numbers of prisoners of Asian background, besides numbers of Americans, Russians, Arabic and say Australians in Britain‘s Jails. Now that would speak volumes.



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