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They will come in seven directions (and flee in five)

Although it may have been known for its butchery of human life,  there is something admirable about  medieval warfare.

The chilvarly on the battlefield as commanders and generals, dressed in exuberant attire, embroidered surcoats, feathery hats and suchlike, and rode on horseback, exchanging notes or messages through messengers and sometimes meet halfway in no-mans land, between their respective  armies.

Each time weighing each other up, possibly exchanging a few hateful words, and maybe even smoking a pipe as they did so. Sooner or later, they would quickly return to their formations, to motivate their troops and call out the war cry.

Smooth, methodical and controlled hatred. Although not always, yet to a larger extent, an adherence to protocol most lacking in modern ambush warfare, which would probably be considered extremely barbaric by medieval standards.

For a moment, imagine the headlines that would have been, in reaction to say, the sight of General Sir Mike Jackson-during the time he led the British forces– photographed meeting Ayman al-Zawahiri in downtown Fallujah. Perhaps having kebabs or sharing a shisha, before heading back to camp to commence operations against Zawahiri’s militants? The media would be livid with scandal and the respectable general would have probably lost his job soon after, most definitely before his retirement.

Reading through some of the medieval encounters, you would be forgiven to think that after each battle, the generals on opposing armies would collude to return to their respective camps, dust their uniforms and after a quick bath to cleanse themselves of the blood of the fallen, they would walk over to the local inn for a rendezvous over some brew.

Nothing of that nature could be said of  the en masse litigation currently brewing in the smart-phone market. From whichever angle it is that you try and look at it, it all appears spectacularly chaotic, with almost everyone being attacked from a number of directions, to the point its questionable whose Patent is in fact valid?? Everyday brings another lawsuitthat just adds onto the long list of pending affray, and one begins to think whether any of their Patents are actually worth their money if, they can so easily be challenged? Which makes me wonder, which fool drafted these documents??

Wouldn’t it have been better for the twenty or so concerned just throw their Patents into a Patent pool and cross license, then eveyone can get on with the important job of inventing new technologies, without fear of infringement, instead of spending millions defending / as a payout of one lawsuit or another?

Frau Schroeder enjoying her second glass of Chablis Premier Pru drunkenly described it as ” fighting in the dark in a room full of friends, family and foes. You never know who you will punch, but because everyone is punching everyone, blows fly in all directions”.

Come to think of it, it kind of reinforces my earlier post here, that was partly aimed at giving some insights into the workings of the patent system. And with social networking websites such as Facebook showing early signs of joining the proprietary gambling wagon, it is almost guaranteed that with the inevitable improvements in technological advancement, the activity in this sector will only increase.

But doesn’t it also map (probably unexpectedly), the patent landscape in the mobile phone market?





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