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Cycling with care

Monsieur Lellouche cycles to work.  He says on average the journey takes him about 45 minutes to cut across Town to the business Park where he works, although it takes longer in wet weather. The same journey on the bus takes about 27 minutes (Peak time, I’ve tried it), and  about 16 minutes by car- and only because of my thorough rat running.

Generally, I’m not one for stats. Not because I don’t understand them, but because sometimes its possible to interpret some stats in a polarizing number of ways, and that can put their credibility into question.

Thus, I wouldn’t have highlighted these stats, had I not come close to rubbing one unlucky cyclist the wrong way.

Two days ago, it was on a roundabout, around 7.20 pm and from my point of view, there must have been a space of not more than 1 to 1.5 meters, between my car and the kerb on the to the left. Yet, this mad creature thought it funny to fit himself and his machine in such a tight space, and began peddling his bicycle as soon as the traffic on the right (Which is where every motorist looks to when they are at roundabouts) was clear, forcing me to jam on the brakes as soon as I became aware of him, to the much annoyance of the agitated woman in the beemer behind me (who i saw through the back mirror giving me the finger with such energy, it looked as though she had 3 hands)

The cyclist himself wore no visibility jacket, and in the darkness, had no discernible front headlamp on, how on earth was I supposed to see him?

********, I could have killed him!

Now, I love bicycles and when I was growing up I owed a BMX, this one amazing piece of kit that led me through many of my childhood adventures.

I’m all for safe cycling, by safety conscious people. But idiots like that chap shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near bicycles.




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