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Das ist not gut

Frau Schroeder woke up with a foul mood today, and I must confess, I’ve never seen the otherwise serene lass so flustered.

Apparently, she hadn’t heard of the scandal that recently unfolded at Bundesbank, the German Federal Bank,  until this morning when she somehow landed onto this link, and it seems the news has got the better of her.

“People like Sarrazin are the ones that continue to give Germany a bad name” She hissed, while frying some breakfast sausages.

The master was seated on the two-seater sofa, holding a brush, polishing his work shoes.

” Germany is a multicultural country, and there are cities such as Berlin that are famously  Cosmopolitan. Thilo should know better, for Christ sake he’s been in large corporate institutions for most of his life, working so”

This is all in sharp contrast to her arguments yesterday- which she put forward quite excitedly- on bio-patents and what she thought was the popular stance held by most German Bio-tech companies, despite a reduction in numbers of filed Patents in the sector at the EPO.

Monsieur Lellouche, browsing on his iPad couldn’t resist a comment. “So this guy whose name allegedly means Muslim, and has English, French and Italian Ancestry begins to attack Muslims over unsubstantiated integration and intelligence claims?”

I haven’t read the book, and it seems unless the master decides to buy one[assuming there is an English translation], it may be a long time before I provide a reasoned opinion. Which brings me to my next thought.

If Dogs can be trained to help people with visual disabilities,  for security, to sniff illegal drugs at airports and in prisons; to sniff trapped individuals on disaster sites, etc, why can’t they be trained to for example, to do tasks like going to the library and borrow / return books on behalf of the owner? I think society is reasonably well advanced for such a thing to be tried out- and although there would be a number of problems – most obviously crime and security of the dogs – to overcome, if the Koreans and Japanese are trying it with Robots,  why can’t someone do a pilot test with, smart(er) dogs.



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