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The master took a holiday out of his busy schedule,  and has just returned. Now, while I’m not entirely sure about the nature of his travels, a number of the keepsakes brought along give clues as to his whereabouts. His newest key holder is a doll keychain draped in a curious attire. It has these … Continue reading

Leopard’s skin

It almost never happens. Not once can I remember it ever happening in my humble days as the pet of the trio, and I must say, the fact that it has in fact occurred today on the 10th of the 10th of the 10th is not only admirable, but rather spectacular; Because although Frau Schroeder, … Continue reading

They will come in seven directions (and flee in five)

Although it may have been known for its butchery of human life,  there is something admirable about  medieval warfare. The chilvarly on the battlefield as commanders and generals, dressed in exuberant attire, embroidered surcoats, feathery hats and suchlike, and rode on horseback, exchanging notes or messages through messengers and sometimes meet halfway in no-mans land, … Continue reading

Weird but Necessary

It seems there was a team building exercise at work today where everyone was meant to give a brief commentary on a weird but wonderful invention. So when he returned home from work, he whose name is not to be uttered was still scratching his head on how he missed this device, also commented upon … Continue reading

Cycling with care

Monsieur Lellouche cycles to work.  He says on average the journey takes him about 45 minutes to cut across Town to the business Park where he works, although it takes longer in wet weather. The same journey on the bus takes about 27 minutes (Peak time, I’ve tried it), and  about 16 minutes by car- … Continue reading

Which profession?

[jotted notes he left on the footstool next to the sofa] As the Ryder Cup gets underway, the Commonwealth games and the sixth series of The Apprentice all bolt to a start, my thoughts turn to a familiar time in almost everyone’s life. When I was growing up, most kids I played with had an … Continue reading

Das ist not gut

Frau Schroeder woke up with a foul mood today, and I must confess, I’ve never seen the otherwise serene lass so flustered. Apparently, she hadn’t heard of the scandal that recently unfolded at Bundesbank, the German Federal Bank,  until this morning when she somehow landed onto this link, and it seems the news has got … Continue reading