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The Chinese never cease to amaze me. I got an email this morning in response to a fax I sent to one Embassy last week. The email reads:

” Dear Mr.
Your letter of inquiring Chinese visa is received. You are sugested to post your passort,photo,copy of company registration and bank statement to your friend …., he or she can make the visa application for you. we do not provide post service.by the way, the visa section of CHINESE EMBASSY in …. will open for the public from Oct.4.
Thank you!  “

These few lines speak volumes about the attentive levels of the writer and I’m not too sure whether its the obvious cutting of corners, the spelling/ grammatical errors or the cut and paste work that’s currently annoying me most. Also,  since the original fax i sent was addressed to the Ambassador himself, and marked “Urgent and Confidential”[ in large bold lettering], my mind is intensely resisting to believe that his excellency endorsed such a reply, or did indeed fire it back himself.

On a scale of 1 to 5 I’d probably give it a 0.5, notwithstanding that I get spam in my mailbox that’s way much more slicker and would probably get a score upwards of  4.



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