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While I was  attending to other pressing matters it seems more than a few developments have occurred in my absence and I’m now panicking to pick my mind over a number of the interesting one’s.

In Manchester, Marxist theorist’s son Ed was elected the new Labour leader, over his older brother Dave, helped larglely by the Union’s vote. And if you are to believe some of the reports flying around, the result may not quite spell as good an outcome – for any political inclination.

As could be understandable for such an intimate family affair, emotions have run high all week during the Labour conference and behind the scenes, Dave’s wife Louise – who it is said is urging him to quit politics-has since shed many a tear.

Elsewhere, Rolls Royce is in Court against its half the time ally half the time competitor Pratt & Whitney. Both Companies have developed aspects of the engines on the Airbus A320 fleet, and this canine wonders why they just can’t get on with it, together.

Symantec, Adobe-which recently announced that it will be opening an online digital museum-Nokia and Apple are all in Court.

Pfizer-which recently signed a deal with Tesco to sell Viagra in their supermarkets without a prescription– has halted its Phase 2 tests for its cancer drug Sutent, after it remained indeterminate whether the drug was more likely to improve overall survival in men with advanced castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) compared with use of prednisone alone.



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