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Babblings of a mad man

Iran's Controversial leader

There are many people who would rather have Ahmadinejad left for dead. I think he should be locked up in a mental institution until he is round about 85.

And its not because of the problematic Nuclear enrichment policy his country has chosen to pursue, ignoring sanctions and international concerns over the real motives behind such a policy. Or his senseless anti Zionist slurs.

Instead, a lot of what he says flies right in the face of common sense and human reasoning, to the point I doubt there are that many Iranians alive today who condone much of his outrageous babblings.

His excellency has lost his way.

The comments over the September 11 attacks – for lack of a most absurd analogy – are as ludicrous as suggesting that Osama shares the same bed with Michelle and Barack. Total contortionist nonsense!

But what could be driving the Iranian President to travel 7000 miles across the globe, and for 30 minutes spew nothing but inciteful hate?

It is no secret in Tehran that lately the President has lost favour in many quarters. His list of enemies is long, stretching from his feuds with the West to reformists as well as emerging rivals in his own hardline camp, and although its not exactly known why the latter is so,  there are some good clues.

Things got so bad in August that the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told faction leaders to stop their in-fighting, making a public statement on the importance of unity.

Being a former Revolutionary Guards officer, Ahmadinejad has support among the elite Revolutionary Guards and the volunteer Basij paramilitary force which quashed the post-electoral anti-government riots, the bloodiest protests in Iran in 30 years. However, lately military repression has taken an upper hand making a number of senior clerics uneasy [Clerics were instrumental in mobilising the masses that led to the 1979 Islamic revolution] who have accused him of undermining the historical role of the clergy in favor of a militaristic approach [ which is being spearheaded by the Revolutionary Guards, who the west continues to accuse of being involved in concealing Iran’s nuclear and missile programme].

Further, ever since Ahmadinejad’s emphasis on nationalistic themes- a tactic he has adopted probably to secure wider electoral support in Iran’s parliamentary elections next year- but which in itself may contradict some of the guidelines on the primacy of Islam set by the late founder of the revolution Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, he has lost considerable support from hardliners. He is sitting on a raging political fire and is keen to show his opponents that he is not only loyal to the Republic and the Revolution, but has consistency.  That he is willing to risk everything for the Revolution, even if it means upsetting China and Russia. In any case he probably knows that the US is unlikely to pursue rash military action at this point in time (especially considering the security situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that such a tactic would buy him time to complete his enrichment). Furthermore, this may be nothing but a political test; a calculated mental mockery of the young Obama administration and the pacifist that is Ban Ki Moon.

After all, what could they possibly do

But if this is not the case, and if he is indeed as deluded an idiot he appears to be, then he probably thinks that if the west tried to attack Iran, his Nuclear program will somehow help him win part of any resulting war, or at least  deal a crushing blow to the US, and most likely Israel.

Ahmadinejad can say whatever the hell he likes, with no fear of any consequences because, there are no real consequences to face. As long as the West shies away from biting him where it would really hurt, and so far as his support from Khamenei remains (who to me appears like the real winner here) he’s safe and dry.



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