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This canine is a little puzzled by this posting on the UK Intellectual Property Office‘s website?

The heading reads Newport – Home of The 2010 Ryder Cup and Intellectual Property and close to the end we have “So if you want to see what new innovations [cringe! Innovations?]  are on the horizon long before they are on the course have a look at some patent databases. We have them here in Newport or if you prefer on-line.”

What exactly is the point here? Frau Schroeder thinks its got unfair advantage of the reputation of the Ryder cup‘s trade mark written all over it, as is dilution. I beg to differ.

I’m quite certain that whoever wrote this probably meant well with this historical association, and it isn’t in any way designed to cause harm, even if the majority of people who have an interest in golf were people not necessarily in favour of trade marks and patents.



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