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jingles soothing to the soul

He whose name is not to be uttered has something of a keen ear for a good tune.

From my observations, his musical tastes covers oldies, contemporary and others that can’t quite fit any category.  Composers and artists from the likes of Bach & Brahms through JB, Cash, Sinatra and Marley – yes Robert Nesta and a number of the musically talented he sired – to MJ, Beyonce,  Ludacris and Take That. AC DC, Coldplay … throw the lot in there, if it is good music, he’s probably got a record or track on it boxed somewhere.

He even plays Enya, but here as would probably be expected, it largely depends on the girl he’s dating. Although I don’t remember ever hearing a Rolling Stones record or Beetles tune. Also, besides the odd record,  heavy metal isn’t quite his type.

Inevitably, with such varied likes, a lot of it goes years before its even looked at, and i think there are some tracks which he’s keeping which he will never ever listen to ever again in this present life. In any case, most of it is usually only  played when he’s hosting a party or some other do, so he doesn’t get to play much of it anyway.

But the thing that’s most disturbing,  which I think gives an entirely new meaning to a conundrum is that he thinks classical is the musical equivalent of Paracetamol. Yup, that a ‘dosage’ of some classical can be medicinal, and in his own words “mysteriously soothing, if administered correctly, at the right volume and for the optimum period of time”, so much so that when he gets a niggly headache or a nasty … erm …’diarrhoea‘, I’ve not seen him drink any medicine lately. All he does is (in this order) to take a few sips of water, plug in the earphones, and lie down on his bed / couch, in a sideways position. Half an hour later,  he’s as good as new.

So, medically, where then does that put heavy metal?



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