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Its not every day that you find a Porno production company scoring it with WIPO over some cybersquatting dispute.

Admittedly, this canine definitely doesn’t remember whether or not he has ever encountered anything like it before, so this piece is something of a rarity.

The first question that hit me was not who Naughty America was, the answer to that  having clicked pretty quickly, and neatly confirmed by the lovely Wikipedia we’re all so fond of. Instead, I found myself “Ahing and Ohing that there wasn’t any of that Article 53 EPC “order public” bits with domain names. Or the draconian anti-brand Section 3(3) Trade Mark Act 1994’s “contrary to public policy or to accepted principles of morality”, or is there? In any case, what exactly does accepted principles of morality even mean?

In fact there is no such thing as Domain Name Law.

With domain names, pretty much everything goes. No matter how ethically dubious it may be deemed to be, especially by those of particularly sensitive moral inklings.

Yes, from dog fighting to, necromancy, money laundering and even the odd  human organ trade. If you can give it a name then your chances to bang in a domain name for it are pretty good, giving you access to a potential worldwide market, so long as the proposed domain address is available to register. All thoroughly tempting stuff for the average cybersquatter.

And its not as if they could easily find you either, should you be doing something bordering the legal, contrary to order public…public policy, etc, and still have access to UK consumers. No, not that simple. Firstly, they would have to know of your activities, and  if you are holed in some obscure corner in Lusaka or in the Mountains of Colombia, they may not even be able to know you exist. Also, even if they were able to discover of your location, there are no guarantees that they can then untangle this humongous digital maze of a haystack to get to you, not to mention the inevitable bureaucracy they may encounter along the way.

Its more likely that someone would have to die or fall seriously ill before anyone made any serious attempts to find you.

With all this in mind, I decided to embark on a small experiment far from the likes of Naughty America, to a domain registration website. All theoretical stuff, I thought, as somewhere in the domain registration procedure, a human being surely must get to look at what’s going out the door? I found that:

befriendangelinajolie.com is available but husseinobama.com was taken.

tigerwoods.me is available :-), but all the others are taken.

popebenedict.co.uk is taken, but for those who desperately fancy an artefact of cyber-religious property, popebenedict.eu is available! Alternatively, you could try popebenedix.com if you would rather bag something a bit more bodacious and chic.

I then notched up a gear:

marryonthemoon.com was taken, but mugadishonestmp.com was available. So was mugacheatingsenator.com , as was punishacheatingpartner.com

partylikeobama.com is taken but the rest of them appear to be available. And if that’s all way too obvious for your comfort , then by all means do try partylikeallama.com!



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