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NIH joins HIV drug pool

Far removed from its controversial funding of stem cell research, the United States National Institutes of Health(NIH) has joined the HIV medicines patent pool launched by UNITAID. This means that NIH will add Patents to the patent pool that was designed to make it cheaper for people in deprived countries to have better access to … Continue reading


The Chinese never cease to amaze me. I got an email this morning in response to a fax I sent to one Embassy last week. The email reads: ” Dear Mr. Your letter of inquiring Chinese visa is received. You are sugested to post your passort,photo,copy of company registration and bank statement to your friend … Continue reading

hound in distress

While I was  attending to other pressing matters it seems more than a few developments have occurred in my absence and I’m now panicking to pick my mind over a number of the interesting one’s. In Manchester, Marxist theorist’s son Ed was elected the new Labour leader, over his older brother Dave, helped larglely by … Continue reading

Babblings of a mad man

There are many people who would rather have Ahmadinejad left for dead. I think he should be locked up in a mental institution until he is round about 85. And its not because of the problematic Nuclear enrichment policy his country has chosen to pursue, ignoring sanctions and international concerns over the real motives behind … Continue reading

Goats on the roof TM

A Trade Mark is a sign, which can be represented graphically and which acts as an indication of origin and quality of a product or a service. Trade marks are powerful business tools and may take various forms, such as a word, a logo, a shape, a sound or even a scent. To protect a … Continue reading


This canine is a little puzzled by this posting on the UK Intellectual Property Office‘s website? The heading reads “Newport – Home of The 2010 Ryder Cup and Intellectual Property“ and close to the end we have “So if you want to see what new innovations [cringe! Innovations?]  are on the horizon long before they … Continue reading

Comrade Vincent “Red Vince” Cable

While some American Republicans were poring over last minute details of the governing agenda on regaining control of the House of Representatives, the UK‘s Business Secretary was  firing projectiles to laissez-faire capitalism at the Liberal Democrats Party’s Conference in Liverpool . It was a spectacle that earned him a standing ovation, and within minutes the … Continue reading

Beggars Beleaf

“Zhere are many singz zhat beggars beleaf” It was Monsieur Lellouche,  voicing his frustration in idiomatic English partway through a yawn.  He was in a contemplative mood today Lellouche, all idealist and theoretical and hadn’t spoken about much else other than minor comments regarding Channel’s graffiti and Sarkozy’s latest troubles over the Roma scandal, and … Continue reading

Nasa needs a freebie

Far from the backlog at the USPTO, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the executive agency of the US government responsible for United States‘ civilian space program , aeronautics and aerospace research, recently issued what appears like a call for tender, for IP Management Services, although they insist that for now, it is a pilot … Continue reading


He whose name is not to be uttered has something of a keen ear for a good tune. From my observations, his musical tastes covers oldies, contemporary and others that can’t quite fit any category.  Composers and artists from the likes of Bach & Brahms through JB, Cash, Sinatra and Marley – yes Robert Nesta … Continue reading