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These children of Thatcher …

Are Free to cut, cut, cut – and they’re loving every minute!

The prize, to be awarded to free market capitalism / or as others would say, of winning an election…

And as always, nobody really wants to ask whether the market capitalism being loosely endorsed here is still functional at all (or whether states should embrace the Chinese version – which has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty).

To me, it’s also interesting to note that the blame game didn’t quite hit full-throttle last time around. It sounded like it had done, but no, I assure you, better days lie ahead.

More blaming, and shaming and finger-pointing is around the corner…with those at the bottom being the easiest target (as are muslims, immigrants, people on welfare, people with disabilities, ‘ domestic terrorists’…please add your own). What a pity?!?


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