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George Galloway MP speech – The Crisis Of Palestine

The world is going mad its disgusting. Everywhere you look, there’s nonsense. Acts that make absolutely no sense. I’m surprised with the response of the world to the atrocities happening in Gaza…dumbfounded. If this had been a rogue European country bullying another ‘country’, the hawks would have come out in hordes.

If a country targets militants who have weapons (missiles, etc) and are attempting to kill innocent people, or smuggle those weapons through tunnels – with the aim of killing innocent people, arguably that’s an act of defending its borders, and so probably justified.

However, that cannot be said of the wholesale massacre of innocent children, on the basis that they are being used as human shield? That clearly is indefensible:-

At this juncture, I must refer to a passage in the Holy Bible:

‘Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the LORD’ – Leviticus 19: 18

Israel has a secular government, and so maybe not much of what the God of their fathers said is adhered to. At least not openly as part of public policy…. But one half of me quietly wonders what ‘thy people’ refered to in this passage here actually means…and whether any religious scholar or Rabbi has explored what it might mean.

Anyway, in my view Galloway remains one of very few politicians in the house of Commons standing up for what is right. Whether that is his only motive – which I’m inclined to believe it is – is a different story altogether. Another of such speeches here:


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